100% CPU Usage


Briefly describe your issue below:

What version of Parrot are you running? version

What method did you use to install Parrot? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8EQfn3KbFMs&t=292s the exact same way as this tutorial.

Configured to multiboot with other systems? Yes, I’m dual booting it with Windows 10.

If there are any similar issues or solutions, link to them below: After last update hight CPU usage

If there are any error messages or relevant logs, post them below: https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/430383698731597824/520283025511284743/IMG_20181206_183715.jpg?width=688&height=516 Btw my processor is an intel i5 quad-core 3.1GHz so this shouldn’t happen on a lightweight OS like ParrotSec. I have no problems on my Windows 10 afterall. The terminal itself also makes me go to a huge amount of CPU usage and whenever I try to do something like access Users and Groups or anything like that, it freezes for a while.

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type this in termial:

sudo htop

when it opens, click the “CPU” 1 time and take a picture and post it, please.


When I just drag FireFox to different parts of my screen:

When FireFox isn’t doing anything but open in the background:

For some reason, the CPU usage is different in htop than on the top bar (my PC still freezes even when htop shows very low CPU usage though.)

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This could mean alot. It could be an extension, it could be a add-on. it could be the video being processed by the cpu. (when you move the screens around, xorg - lightdm jumps, so does mine, unless i have an external video card) but you are correct as to the lightweight cpu. but what i5 series do you have? What is the CPU model (different series’ utilize different GPU’s and handle onboard video differently)(type this in terminal: “sudo dmidecode -t 4 && lspci | grep VGA” and please post results)<–You could see if the Onboard Graphics is compatible with Parrot or if there is a fix for it. <— As to if the onboard Graphics. (perfect example) ie:
My results: (shortened to point example)
sudo dmidecode -t 4 && lspci } grep VGA
“Version: Intel® Core™ i7-3770S CP@ 3.10GHz”
“00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation Xeon E3-1200 v2/3rd Gen Core processor Graphics Controller (rev09)”
But my true Onboard Graphics is: Intel HD Graphics 4000
I vaugly remember searching for a solution to installing linux drivers for HD 4000 and i hit a brick wall. Either way the graphics on this does sufficient enough unless i want to game, then i hook up my 1060i and rock out.

The system monitor app at the top is a wonderful addition to the OS, works great, and is small. The only thing that could be better for it is the update of the CPU usage to realtime, but i am sure that the programmers made it that way intentionally because the applet takes CPU usage. Understand? You are able to modify the settings for that applet, just right-click and click Preferences. In conclusion of that said, is the actual hover indicator of the applet, is behind in the actual, real-time results, like HTOP, but HTOP takes more CPU usage.

“The terminal itself also makes me go to a huge amount of CPU usage and whenever I try to do something like access Users and Groups or anything like that, it freezes for a while.”

I would have to see that in action to attempt to determine what that could be, but in conclusion to this, what i am trying to say is that from the info you have provided, so it MAY be the compatibility of the onboard video graphics of your CPU and Parrot. (freezing, opening new windows, please post the results of the previous command in terminal, and maybe we can find a trusted driver for your On-Board Graphics…


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Also what are the “Filesystem root” and “tmp” that suddenly popped up on my screen? Parrot OS loaded my Persistence mode for a longer time today and those 2 files appeared (they weren’t there before).

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I am going to guess that this is a desktop, and the GT 670 is not onboard, correct?
If so, the problems you are experiencing is beyond my realm of knowledge with linux.
I believe you may need to talk to a developer about this.


Yes, my computer is a Desktop. Its a GT 640 (I bought the PC from HP so its all built in by them) but idk what my Intel integrated graphics are. How would I talk to a developer though?


Wait, since you talked about drivers. Could it be that I need to download the same type of drivers onto my Parrot OS USB stick as I have on my regular desktop hard drive?

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Turn animation off can save your CPU a little bit. My laptop has a Intel core i3 3110M with Intel HD 4000 graphic card and Parrot runs smoothly. You should check kernel error log, xorg error log, background services, … for more information. Intel driver should be pre-installed by default.
P/s: Your CPU will be used a lot if you watch videos with Firefox.

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are you asking what the root filesystem is?


The thing is that its a fresh installation of peristence USB Parrot OS. I have a default background and have only used the Terminal, FireFox, Wireshark and tried Proxychains. I haven’t even used FireFox that much especially not videos.


No, I asked why they appeared suddenly since I’ve booted Parrot OS up a lot of times and only now it has appeared.

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I see your point, KingRift, The onboard graphics are not being utilized b/c of the GT 640, (Seperate Video Card) which translate to: no extra CPU usage stemming from the cpu handling graphics, so i am as lost as you, why the spike and jump in CPU usage in common usage.

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sorry I have been unable to get on to see this for a bit; i dont know if graphics would be supported fully with a live version rather than a native host system that is actually installed to the pc (if that didnt help answer it, message me privately because i am obviously not understanding correctly and I want you to have the answers you desire. we are an open source team so there are lots of developers but the ones that truly decide if we can support something they produce is the graphics cards makers developers actually then its up to debian developers to adopt or support it and then we may then think of supporting it.