3 Things


(Huawei Killer) #1

Hello Friends!

There are a few things,

I would like to recommend Doing:

  • Include Ghidra dissasembly tool (NSA) https://www.ghidra-sre.org/ :+1:

  • hcxtools and hcxdumptools where updated 4 days ago and don’t work in wifite. Please, Please Include them by default! :grinning:

  • Fix the Pluma crash bug! It is a pain in the a** not having a good text editor in the distro and installing from crappy external sources :joy:

(Amzker Pro Hacker) #2

Use Scite as default text Editor
Gidhra not trustable
Hexdump uae alter

(vladislav) #3

Ghidra will be added only when they reveal full code of the programm and it will be reviewed, there is still a chance of hidden NSA services running in background, so we don’t trust it atm.

Try to fix pluma problems by uncommenting all lines from 38 to 42 (every line starts with private*) in /etc/firejail/pluma.profile.

(Huawei Killer) #4

There is one more thing I wanted to include / patch

Add this: https://github.com/AlessandroZ/LaZagne.git

In the Post exploitation Folder of Parrot

And Patch Parrot against it!


yeah I’m kinda blown away by all the issues people have with pluma I think part of is the plugins because I’ve only had one issue with the firejail profile and it was to get pluma started (last line).