32 bits EFI support

Hi, I have a pc tablet acer aspire switch 10e and trying to install a linux on it.
Problem is that bootloader needs to be 32bits and uefi, I was trying to find an x32 linux with uefi support but I apparently doesn’t exists.
Anyway Parrot seems to understand this case and does boot from usb, install, and set up the 32 bits bootloader on its own. Issue is that afterward there is no way to boot into grub without using the installation stick and set root to the hard drive.
It seems to me like there is a simple trick that I did not understand to get it to boot from the hard drive.
Do you have any suggestions appart from the numerous links that can be found for the acer aspire switch 10 (mine is 10e and I tried all of these methods already).

Parrot doesn’t support 32bit anymore, neither 32bit uefi.

Okay, thanks for specifying.
I though it would because there is the bootia32.efi file.

In fact this is possible to boot parrot on 32 bits efi system, it will automatically install, the issue was that my laptop was made so that it’s hard to install windows, and the biased efi will not boot any other loader than ‘/boot/efi/EFI/Microsoft/Boot/bootmgfw.efi’.
So just rename to that and it will appear.
Sent from Parrot OS on an aspire switch 10e.

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