4.19.0-parrot3-28t kernel broke suspend

Well, suspend got broken with last upgrade, analyzing the pm-suspend.log and comparing it with previous kernel (20t) after enabling debug it seems that it hangs after “echo -n mem”.

My system is fully encrypted, meaning I decrypt using GRUB’s LUKS (GRUB_ENABLE_CRYPTODISK=y) module instead of a unencrypted kernel.
Dell XPS 13 9360
SWAP is LUKS encrypted on a separate partition

Both kernel are booted up using cryptdevice=dev:luksname root=mapperdev nosplash acpi_osi=Linux


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have the same issue after the last upgrade ,gets a full Grey background during booting and after that the screen is blank nothing else there.


Hey there, I’m having the same issue as you are. Does the login screen not show, black screen instead, and a white line in the top left corner?


Suspend issue gone with 4.19.0-parrot4-28t

Thanks a lot,

The grey background I can’t say anything to. Using nosplash (do not really the splash :-D)

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i Think they should try and fix it for us.

kernel fixed some days ago

the missing plymouth theme can be fixed with
sudo apt install desktop-base --reinstall


That is why my Parrot looks weird!

i used this command in the terminal and am still having the same problem.

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does linux 5.1 fix the problem?

yes ,now i don’t have any problem after the latest update. Thanks a lot

It was the same for me but the mouse was flickering and same with the underscore at top left.
To fix I went to parrot recovery mode and where you type in the password I pressed ctrl, alt and f and typed me password in twice and done sudo apt dist-upgrade and it worked.

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