64 bits

(joubier) #1

hi, how I can put my parrot in 64 bits ? thanks.

(Amzker Pro Hacker) #2

Please change title
Also not understand what did you wanted to tell
Fully describe please

(Nico Paul) #3

You want to convert from 32bit i386 to 64bit amd64? You actually are going to want to just reinstall with an amd64 iso rather than the i386 bit you previously used. If your system hardware supports 64bit comfortably and you’ve recently created your system to begin with its easiest just to reinstall to avoid just adding the architecture amd64.

(joubier) #4

Thank you for your answer. I did it, I installed full parrot amd64. That’s work very fine. regards. bruno joubier.

(Nico Paul) #5