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Hi. I’m thinking of installing Parrot. I’m unable to watch certain TV programs I really enjoy. I have downloaded them using limetorrents.cc. My ISP has issued a warning about this. I’m hoping to find a way to get the torrents anonymously, without my ISP being able to track them. I know this isn’t an ethical thing to do, but I mean no harm. Thanks for any help you can offer.

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using a standard vpn would accomplish what you are after.
I would recommend using windscribe (https://windscribe.com/) and setting up an account with an email linked to a temp generated one via tempmail (https://temp-mail.org/). This will give you 10gbs for every account.
or if you want buying one is also an option.

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just use Annonsurf. it comes with parrot. if you dont have it the command to get it is sudo apt-get install annonsurf and it should be in your Application menu.

Thanks. I appreciate all the help.

Under the “Anon Surf”, you have a few options including Anon Surf and i2p. The both options are really enjoyable because you can reach them without configuring VPN manually or something. So, kudos to Parrot OS for that and mostly, privacy is the reason why I feel the joy when I use Parrot.

Before a two-three days, I had a major problem with Heroku, so I decided to move to Fedora. Kudos to Fedora, but I do not feel it as a full system that I need (even with dnf security groups and all that jazz). So I got back and seen that Parrot has a new version, installed and by now, I am truly satisfied with the flow of security and pentesting tools incorporated with a great Python env.

I use Debian Standard installation without multiboot.