A Few Suggestions ...


Hello ParrotSecOS Devs!
Your Operating system is very well designed and I would like to congratulate you guys on that. Infact it is my favorite operating system, but I have a few suggestions and tips you guys might like to consider…I don’t mean to be hypercritical but I just want to give you devs some advice
Firstly I noticed in the early versions of the great parrot OS your anonsurf module was the best! It had all of the features like i2p and privoxy along with good old pandora bomb. What happened to it? The macchange function does not work: (/usr/bin/anonsurf: line 267: mac: command not found) nor pandora is present. I have a solution. Use anonym8 instead. It includes all of the features like macchange and privoxy i2p and arm along with automatic anON or anOFF protection! If you agree with me please include it in the OS by default and replace your current anonsurf module with it…


Another Idea I have in mind is to try and include some essential tools for the new PMKID attack on WPA and WPA2 PSK networks. Maybe watch the following video to get an idea …


The tool links that are not present for the above attack to work are hcxtool and hcxdumptool, both are very nice tools that make install with no bugs in my custom parrotOS version. Hashcat is included by default which is very nice…


If you agree with me please have these tools installed by default, they don’t take up much iso space anyway ^^. Last things I wanted to suggest are including bettercap capelets by default since they don’t take up much iso space and a special tool called ship alongside an automatic github cloner script for added convinience, Most tools I mentioned here have regular updates which is also very nice…


Thank you for reading and please think about and inform me if you have any questions or comments!
Please continue developing the worlds best operating system because I am parrotsec big fan <3 <3 <3 ;-D Cya Guys around the Forum!

(Nico Paul) #2

I’ve read many thoughts on the reliability and trust factor regarding anonym8, I have not tried it for myself but I do agree that I liked the default anonsurf in the earlier releases. I agree with regards to PMKID and this has been discussed prior as well. Love your docs and linking! We have a section you can submit a request for a package if it meets certain criteria on the faqs doku page if youd like to review and potentially submit