accidently typed rm /etc/pam.d/* as root


I did a big mistake this morning with my machine (double boot with windows) on a lenovo thinkpad X1.

I tried to enable the finger identification device of the lenovo on my parrot OS and rather than updating the authentification I accidently deleted them all by running “rm /etc/pam.d” as root.
pam.d contains authentification files and others therfore I cannot access my OS,
cannot run sudo. Also I do not have backups.
I tried to recover using the single mode user root bash, unfortunatly I cannot use | (pipe) symbole neither beacause of a keyboard issue.

I know this looks like a dead end case and it probably is, but if someone has any idea how I could recover pam.d files / reaccess the machine without lossing all the data, please let me know…

ressources I used:

Thank you for your time and sorry about the inconvenience.

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