Adding Speaker-Balance Controls/Slider to KDE?

Can someone please coach me on how to add a Left-Right Balance slider, to the Volume Controls? (for the internal speakers on laptop) in the KDE version? I can find the hardware-output controls, but they don’t have that feature.

I need this in ParrotOS 4.10 (& now 4.11 beta) KDE Home edition.

Oddly the xfce edition has it (right-click on the speaker icon on the shelf, go into advanced controls, Output tab), but their KDE edition doesn’t seem to have it - or I am very bad at finding it.
See link for xfce example:
Ever since I tried KDE, I liked it more than their xfce or Mate editions, and don’t wish to go back.

I have 2 laptops, both of which have a blown right speaker. The distortion drones everything out, and I cannot understand what they are saying in a video, or listen to music. When I set the balance slider a bit to the left (about 60%-40% split), the distortion goes away, things become comprehensible, and I can listen to music or understand what they are saying in videos.

Your help would really much be appreciated. And please keep in mind that I’m not a cli-ninja.
Thanks! :slight_smile:

you need to goto the KDE website and get support for KDE issues there. KDE is not a Parrot Product and if your not getting the answers your looking for from Parrot Forums just goto the source who makes the product. Maybe no one here knows or pardon my saying, Cares about a slider for volume controls.

You get far better assistance from the developers of KDE for KDE related things then Parrot Devs for KDE things. Just FYI. I know you probably thought KDE is created by Parrot its just used for thier Desktop Environment one of many they also have a Cinnamon XFCE LXDE Mate and I think one other.

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That always seems to be the scapegoat answer. They make the decision, during desktop environment customization, what to include and what to leave out. What to enable or not. And if they omit something or make a mistake, they tell the end user to go upstream?

The reason people choose a certain distro, is for the customization and support. Otherwise, what is the point of distros if we’re always sent upstream? The distro we use and it’s support, is what we interface with - not the component builders that make it up. If we did (or had to), people would be breaking the distro all the time, and support would be impossible.

And no, I did not think Parrot made KDE! But they do take the KDE Window Manager, make the decisions on how they implement it in the final Desktop Environment.

And what tells you that the component in particular, is even made by KDE? It might be a backend component that just goes through the WM’s GUI.

Try installing kmix, it’s in the repository. Then right-click Built-in Audio Analog Stereo (output) and choose split channels.

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