address the problem of updates overriding current DM choice

hey everyone,
I would like to address the problem of updates override current desktop manager choice.
This happened a few times so far, even as I set up SDDM as DM, after the update
I ended up with lightDM, so it was a bit work to reverse that again to SDDM,
not a huge problem for me, but for normal users it is too,
I just wanted that to be mentioned, thanks…

I updated and lost my background lol went purple

How did you update?
Correct command is sudo parrot-upgrade.
read more - Parrot Software Management - Parrot Documentation

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yes I use parrot update, but I am not sure if I should use it in combination
to apt update && apt upgrade ore solely parrot-upgrade ?

Nope, no combination, it’s just parrot-upgrade.
But maybe you removed something and that was depending on it, and hence it’s removed completely.
An user did the same few days ago.

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great, thanks, now I know