After resetting BIOS settings, cannot see the hard drive

Everything was fine until I got into the BIOS.
It can’t be like this, reinstall because I reset the settings
I tried many options, the same black screen, as if there was no hard disk
What settings should I set or change?
Please tell me what to do

you reset the bios?
can you boot into bios?
you can try removing the CMOS battery and RAM from the internal hardware and try rebooting

I think I’ve tried everything
more real hard disk problem in grub
I reinstalled with default settings of BIOS and all is OK

still do not understand the bios settings can not be changed?

it can be changed
i wonder what you change

F9 Enter
F10 Enter

what exactly do you want to do with BIOS?
if you have multiple drives connected, changing some settings might switch to another drive and setting another boot priority
the condition varies

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