After shutdown my laptop does not recognize OS

Hi everyone,
I Install Parrot OS today and I do all updates and things. Than I need to go somewhere and I shut down laptop. When I came back I press power button and OS does not start up it say: (photo which I send)

Hi. Where is photo which you send?

It looks like you may not have installed GRUB successfully.

Were you installing Parrot for UEFI or Legacy BIOS?

I would boot off a Parrot USB (or DVD) and see what GParted says about your file system.

I’m not sure why you could boot into Parrot, update packages, shut down, and not boot back into Parrot. Check your boot order in BIOS to make sure your hard drive is the first boot device. I hope you have success. :slight_smile:

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A temporary solution could be using “Super GRUB 2 Disk” with a Bootable USB to boot into your OS.