After upgrade I can't use wifi

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I installed Parrot-security-4.5.1 and upgrade.Then I restarted.
But I can’t use wifi. Before restart I could use wifi.

What version of Parrot are you running? (include version, edition, and architecture)
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I loose wifi very often after reboot. I have to shut down, then restart instead. Probably a bios problem I can’t figure out.

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which kind of system do you use?

I didn’t use any command to upgrade.
I just followed the notification message of update after booting the OS.

What does the system mean?
I installed Parrot-security-4.5.1. Then I upgraded.
My laptop is old macbook. It is macbook 2009 late.

I had the same issue (two times) and i could only reinstall the system. Try to download Parrot 4.6 (beta). That should work. Make sure to backup your files

I’m getting the same wifi issue with two fresh installs of 4.5.1.

After a reboot wifi will work as usual. After some time the connection will drop and will require a reboot to restore wifi functionalities as the system isn’t able to detect any of the numerous nearby wireless connections.

Furthermore, if I manually turn of wifi. Turning it back on via GUI is impossible due the option being gone. I’ve tried various bash commands to reenable the card but nothing.

Sounds like a problem with the hardware or the the stability of the driver but we need a lot more information to diagnose the problem is.
First steps always remember
service networking restart | start
service network-manager start | stop | restart
“nm-applet” invokes the network manager gui from the panel

Where can I find Parrot 4.6?

What kind of information do you need?

  • For wifi drops automatically is not only Parrot problem, but Debian problem i believe. I think it is kernel bug
  • For wifi not working after upgrade, it is possibly it is not compatible with our kernel version.

Then,what can I do to solve problem?


i had the same problems with wifi on my surface 4.
pls have a look at this

Hope this helps!


I have the same problem and i have managed to solve it by downloading RTL8821CE drivers.
You have to check what type is your wifi by using lspci command.
Then you have to go to this driver folder and compile the packages of downloaded drivers with these commands:
1- sudo make all
2- sudo make install
3- sudo modprobe -a 8821ce

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Just found the solution. For me it was a problem whith tor (i think), because when i restarted the tor service (service tor restart) i was newly able to use wifi.

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And it’s a problem related to sandbox profiles i think, cuz it happens when I update them or I start them (When i update my system or I start it)

If you enable anonsurf, anonsurf will replace your network options with its options (DNS options). anonsurf stop provides restoring options procedure. But if you turn your machine off without turn anonsurf off, your options will be broken and your internet is down. We are having few ideas to solve this problem, but it takes time to rework anonsurf.

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Please tell us if your wireless device is detected and if the driver is enabled.

Open a Terminal and type:

$ iwconfig
$ sudo lshw -C network
$ sudo lsmod

Then let us know what you find.

Thank you everyone.
I installed parrot security 4.6, which was released yesterday, and it works fine.
Please help me if the same problem happens again.

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