I’m unable to use Airgeddon and an unexpected error is coming, please Help what should i do it make it working

Hi, according to the post i think there is some problem with xterm, you can try to install it with the APT package manager.

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The error is saying you don’t have a valid x-server running which can happen for several reasons, assuming it’s not running on Wayland or something like that I would guess the root user doesn’t have access to the x-server.

xhost can control access to the x-server. xhost + can remove that issue. First though check if you can get a program to open from the terminal.


I have reinstalled it but the problem is still their :worried:

Re hi, like muroga said, there is indeed a problem with the X server. Try typing the command ls -lah /etc/X11 to see if the root user has permissions for 'access / use. If not yet like muroga said, use xhost.

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Thanks Bro you saved me, a Great Thanks to Great people :smiley:

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