Good morning guys.

I don’t know if this is the best place to post this,but I will post.I am beginner so don’t blame for this topic.

Recently I installed the newest version of parrot security OS on a dual boot with windows 10 and I tryied to crack an wifi and when I typed sudo airmon-ng start wlan0,my wifi was disable.When I typed sudo service network-manager restart and sudo service networking restart my wifi was back.

I want to know why when I type sudo airmon-ng start wlan0,my wifi is disable and how to fix it(to crack the pass).


You definitely need to read about how aircrack-ng work.
You “problem” is came from that you dont know what is Monitor Mode.

I suggest you to use airmon-ng check kill before start.
And dont need service networking restart, restart network-manager is enough.

And dont forget, DuckDuckGo is your friend :wink:

Actually it doesn’t works. I tried sudo apt-get update but doesn’t works

And this is the proof that you didnt read about monitor mode.
Really sad, I tried to help you :cry:

Why it’s really sad? U don’t know how to help me. I read that, so that? Why when I put my wireles card in monitor mode he is disabling. U didn’t answer to my question and certainly u don’t know how to help me. Thanks for that answer.

@g0rbe did help you, but what youre waiting from him is a total solution, where your post is not a issue but rather a lack of knowledge on a certain tool, while you posted it in support topic, even though aircrack-ng suite is not related to parrot security
so instead of giving you a command to make your wifi back, and at the next problem you might come ask again what to do, he sent you a link so that you learn a bit about networking and aircrack-ng

when using monitor mode, the wifi card you selected is disconnected and focus on ‘monitoring’ what happens in the network you are

airmon-ng start wlan(x) to start monitoring on selected interface
airmon-ng stop wlan(x) to stop the monitoring, and if you dont have your previous access point memorized by your network manager, you might need to reconnect manually yourself