Airodump-ng no interfaces

Good morning

Recently I installes Parrot OS on dual boot with Windos 10.(I installed the newest version of Parrot).Please don’t flame because I am beginner.

When I type sudo airodump-ng wlan0mon no interfaces are added.

Can u please tell me how to fix this? Thanks

have you put your wireless interface in monitor mode before trying to start airodump?

use airmon-ng to switch your interface from standard mode to monitor mode (if the device supports it)

then make sure the new interface exists with ifconfig, and if it exists, use its name with airodump-ng or whatever wireless sniffing tool you want.

then don’t forget to put the interface in standard mode again with airmon-ng when you finish

I did that, but doesn’t works. When I type sudo airodump-ng wlan0mon my wifi is disconnected and nothing happens. When I close the terminal my Wifi comes back

you can’t both use an interface in monitor mode with airmon/airodump and browse the internet at the same time

So how I can fix it? I am srry,I am noob on this.I need to stop monitor mode before searching wifi interfaces?

You need to restart network manager when you are done with airmon-ng
service network-manager start

In monitor mode, the interface passively listen to traffic, transmit no data.