Airvpn dns leak.

Hi, I use airvpn and never had the problem with DNS leak, but after I installed and use NordVPN for two weeks, then deleted Nord and back again to airvpn problems started and my DNS leak all the time. Sometimes they do not leak after command “sudo systemctl stop systemd-resolved” but I want my airvpn to work normal like in the beginning. Would be great if someone will help me to fix my problem.

Thank you.

I dont use airvpn but i never experienced dns leaks. You could try to reinstall the client.

I’ve reinstalled client before but it does not help.

How are you testing for DNS leaks? and

Sorry i had forgotten about this.

Somebody has to resolve your DNS requests at some point, it just depends on who you want resolving it.

Depending on how airvpn is configured, depends on what DNS servers you use. Most VPN services tunnel your DNS, so you just end up using their DNS servers.

If you are still using your ISP’s DNS, then it probably means your airvpn configuration is wrong.

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When I did DNS test with with VPN I have no leaking.
BUT without VPN -only my providers internet I get TWO SERVERS FOUND. One is regular from my ISP and second is this:
What that means?
Thanks in advance…

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