Alfa AWUS036NH

Briefly describe your issue below:
You guys sayed if you buy the alfa awus036nh it will work directly if you plug it in.
i got it and then i plugged but it is blink

Umm…it’s working fine if it didnt work you would see it available. its not usually for the name displayed to reference the chipset. Its using the Rt3070 chipset and probably the rt2800usb driver i have a device with that chipset and it works fine. You may get display issues in network manager but that doesnt affect actual functionality.

Do i need to install the driver?

you probably need to read the documentation on installing wireless drivers in debian. you may want the rt88xxau dkms package in synaptic as well

If you plug it in and its recognized then the driver is already installed. All the necessary pkgs should be in the repo already so if your system is up to date everything should be fine.