Alternatives to Social apps

What are some good alternatives to Social media services like Facebook Instagram Whatsapp Discord providing anonymity something tor related decentralised stuff?
Because I’ve had enough of letting these steal my privacy.

Well there are some alternatives I know to them.
To Discord, you can use Riot.
To Zoom or Skype, you can use Tox.
To Facebook, there is something like Minds or something

Ok thanks for the information

There’s the activitypub stuff too… Friendica is most similar to facebook, Mastodon and Pleroma are more like twitter. They’re not anonymous unless you sign up through tor and only use it through tor. They are decentralised though. I run Pleroma on my own server - piece of cake to set up and uses minimal resources.

Also using activitypub, there’s Pixelfed to replace instagram, Peertube to replace YouTube. and Funkwhale to replace Grooveshark. I’ve also got Peertube and Funkwhale instances on my server and they appear to work well. If you don’t have your own server then you could always use someone elses public instance - there are plenty around.

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It might be a bit late but… you could give Diaspora* a try. Myself and my partner left the Babylonic world of Global Domination some time ago and I must say, no regrets and we use Diaspora* every day.
Bon Chance

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I would Recommend to stay far away from “Discord” ,as its getting worse day by day ,especially the Phone Verification thing thus (*) people are criticizing about it that discord is forcing its users to give their phone number.
one here:
to find more search for the term:- Discord Phone Verification

i too have faced this , i had account since 2017 but suddenly in 2020 it asked for ‘Phone Verification’ ,since then i started using
Threema :
i still use it ,recently i came across Session an alternative to signal ,maybe you can give it a try.

*as its still in early development phase thus some features are missing.

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