AMD CCC in Parrot?

Hi. new to Parrot, not that new to lin though, despite always a winblowz user.

Im really liking parrot OS considering its pretty flawless out of box. Problem is a few things to customize, for example Im trying to do some light gaming, with the steam port of CSGO which runs fine in linux now and in fact does not suffer from the dreaded Win 10 mouse sluggish lag movement input lag, mouse is fine in lin.

My question is concerning GPU tweaking. like a catalyst control center or new crimson control center

I dunno If im hearing correctly but AMDs nex linux AMDGPU driver does not have a GUI?
Is there a way to open a tweaking GUI?

I dont need to monitor anything, would just like to tweak the games graphics quality, like setting textures to high and forced AA as well as other minor tweaks to game.

I tried dling both AMDGPU drivers for ubuntu since I see nothing for debian and what seemed to be generic linux drivers from AMDs, website

AMDGPU one I finally installed with debian commands in terminal, rebooted and still see no option for GUI anywhere, and the generic driver when I run the install batch, it opens terminal but closes half way through and doesnt finish.

Am I missing something? I searched synaptics and found nothing, other distros I tried in past like Mint, Zorin, OpenSUSE, heck even Kali which was difficult for my n00b ass had option to update drivers in package manager.

Where is that here?

Note its not exactly the drivers I want to update, I just want some sort of control center in GUI
PS" Video card is a R9 380

Parrot OS 4.5.1 x64
Standard Install Method
Non Multiboot (GRUB)

I dont have a AMD card, so i dont really have a clue. Nevertheless, i found this:
Now that looks like a complete mess and i don’t recommend you do it. But there might be alternative ways of installing it, if its even worth it.

Yes thats the first step I took was reading AMDs guide, see date is 3 years old.

Just ran the generic install which is same script as that below where propietary gui install.

Just closes the terminal without giving me time to read why.

Other distros even like this was able to install them. Then in regular proggys I see amd ccc.
I seem to have installed the debian AMDGPU new driver for linux but I think that may not have a GUI like older drivers did.

Its ok ill just game on windows till then

So far impressed with rest of Parrot features, dont really need it for forensics but its not swiss cheese like windows

Check out that:

Though I am also not a user of AMD graphics card, but this may help you.

Spasiva Vladi… Ill check it out, on windows atm anyways, Ill mess with parrot again some other time…