AMD fx-8320 CPU with AMD RX 580 won't boot/screen corruption

First part of this is informational:
I couldn’t boot a first time parrot install on this system, the live usb didn’t even work, I had to install from the text installer.

I got the system to boot after monkeying around alot. I saw this in the bootlog repeating and never stopping:
AMD-Vi: Completion-Wait loop timed out

No idea if these are optimal settings, but I added these to the grub boot directives:
iommu=soft amd_iommu=fullflush

The system would boot.

Now the current problem is with AMDGPU and RX580, I get screen corruption if I try to use dual screens.
using dual screens (one hdmi, one displayport), the screen corruptions diagonally. If I run:
xrandr -s 0
it will reset the screen to one monitor and works, but switching back to two causes the corruption again.

Any suggestions?

any log info? without log info related we are just going to be guessing (do not paste long logs in reply- just related part)

So what log would be good? I have the full Xorg log from boot(about 70 seconds). I cleared the log and then tried to activate dual monitors again so the corruption would occur,but literally nothing showed up in the log.
Let me know if you want the Xorg log or a different one.

One thing I did notice is that the dual screen corruption doesn’t happen under opensuse while the amdgpu major version is the same, the AMD firmware is newer there.

PARROT 4.9.1 Live Log Xorg.0.log (53.8 KB)

I tried to manually copy over the updated firmware and update the initramfs, and boot.
It didn’t seem to make a difference on Dual Screen operation. Not sure where I should go next with it. Should I try to report a bug with the xf86-video-amdgpu debian maintainer?

Followup to this in case anyone runs into the same problem:

Determined it’s not AMDGPU. the corruption with Dual Screens seems to be a bug in MATE. I don’t experience the screen corruption with Parrot KDE. Confirmed that Manjaro MATE has the problem as well.

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