Anon surf/VPN Configuration

Initially when trying to access anon surf,it appeared i wasn’t able because of a missing module," gtk-message failed to load module atk-bridge ".
I’ve resolved that by reading the thread and installing this,
sudo apt install libatk-adaptor…

All good on that end,yet,i’m still having issue with the vpn and anon surf being active simultaneously…
is that by design,am i not configuring some properly,etc…?
the vpn was installed via deb package,but from what i understand is also accessible via open vpn configuration also…

Thanks in advance…

Parrot 4.9.1 Home MATE ISO
Debian standard install
Single boot

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I disabled the vpn client just to see if that would allow data connectivity for Anonsurf,but that doesn’t seem to work…?
so it appears i have to do further troubleshooting,any advice is appreciated…
let me know if you need logs to assist…

Thanks in advance. :vulcan_salute:

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