anonsurf 2.13.9 - start-bridge 'disappeared after update

Parrot 4.9, Home amd64

Debian GTK

no multiboot

Lenovo Ideapad

Hello community,

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My question is just to find out what happened to the anonsuf ‘strart-bridge’ function. This function was working perfectly after being introduced in the previous build(s).

After update now i have discovered the new functions for anonsurf have disappeared.

Is this a planned change? Will the auto-bridge (i call it) be reintroduced or should be advised to return to adding found bridges to the torrc file?

Thank you for your attention.

it has been removed

Hello I’m current developer and maintainer of AnonSurf.
During the testing, i’ve found out the bridge server is always changed and we can’t just create update patch for server list every patch. So with previous method (we are providing static list), we can’t provide the feature without having bug. That is why i removed it.
So by now there are 1 solution: User add options inside /etc/anonsurf/torrc.base.
The bridge mode should be added again when we have better design, a solution to get new “bridge address” automatically or semi-automatic (requires user update it manually), and save configuration to a file. The scope is not only support bridge (obfs4) mode but other bridges and some cool features that tor provides.