AnonSurf 4.0 changelog and roadmap

I’m developing new AnonSurf 4.0 client. This version focuses on GUI change and system change. Some major changes:

  1. (In development) Add Options dialog which allows users to set bridge mode and more. This also include remove some settings files, reduce nonsense complexity level of custom settings for AnonSurf
  2. (In development) System tray icon.
  3. (Done. Need optimization for main widget) Use EventBox to switch widgets. Button Details is removed. Button About and Settings are now at the title bar.
  4. (TODO): Handle DNS generation when system doesn’t have resolvconf



Thank you for all your hard work, long hours, developing this update.

Please consider adding feature:

To show and change MAC address
To show and change Exit node
Hide Linux Parrot Operating System from IP checkers
Hide change browser info

@Ritikj1 this topic is NOT bug report. And there are the other topics. If you want to do report, please create new topic. I’ll track it carefully. As you can see, improve dnstool logic is 1 of main issues for 4.0

Hello. The change MAC address is not that easy. AFAIK, it’s not just do random values. If you have wrong MAC, you may have no internet connection. And I don’t think you need to change MAC at all.

Check status which uses nyx. Also the changeid is the change exit node.

AnonSurf can not change anything in your browser. If you want to do something with your browser, you might want to customize your browser profiles.

Improved code quality for modules, especially the GUI refresh handler. However, the first test for the refresher of right click menu (system tray icon) failed. It crashes icon.

I was using the previous version of Anonsurf on Armbian as it was available in the Debian version of that system, but it looks like the package has been removed. Can I install Anonsurf 4.0 and client on this system, which is targeting ARM devices?

Never heard of that distro

Current AnonSurf version 3.3.2 is good on Arm

Again: this topic is for changelog and roadmap. This is not for support request and bug report.
Thank you.

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