ANonsurf and Tor not working

I’ve down loaded Parrot-security-4.5.1_amd64 several times and used Etcher to burn a usb drive with no errors.
When I run the usb stick in live mod on 3 different computers no problems, but when I installed parrot on the machines listed below, anonsurf and tor do not work. Ip tables not found. I did the basic installation following all the recommendations for beginners.

  1. Hp Compaq Elite 8300, I5 3470 CPU 3.7ghz,P 2.6ghz with Samsung 500GB SSD and 16GB Ram.
  2. Dell Latitude e6430, I5 3220 CPU, 2.6ghz with Toshiba 500GB hard drive 4 GB Ram.
    3)HP m7360n, Intel Pentium D Processor 920, 2.0 GB RAM, 300 GB Hard Drive

I am a total novice with Linux and any help will be greatly appreciated.

Any reason you deleted the chart?

What chart?

the one that is already there when you create a post in support.

Sorry, I didn’t delete any chart that I’m aware of. Didn’t see it. Do you mean the series of question? I thought I answered them. Didn’t realize you wanted them to stay in the body of the problem’s description.

even if you got them all id still say that because its there to help you learn but you have nothing surrounding the multiboot specs but i would start by asking what bios settings you changed before trying to install

Just to boot on the usb one time only. After install it went back to booting from the hard drive.