Anonsurf connection

Hi I have two question of Anonsurf
I use anonsurf and privoxy for few testing purposes. In privoxy i had a problem it only routes HTTP traffic (browser traffic) suppose when you use cUrl, hydra, ftp connection or literally any terminal connection isn’t routed through the privoxy proxies. Like wise is anonsurf also can only route specific connections or it can route entire terminal connection like nmap ,hydra and all with anonsurf.


Can parrot sec monitor the anonsurf connection or collect data? not being rude just a doubt



to 1st.

  • anonsurf routes all the traffic into tor.
  • use proxychains for single applications
  • privoxy is a non-caching web proxy with advanced filtering capabilities

to 2nd.
if you are sitting in front of your monitor, you will be able to see what happend on your system. So, long story short … yes
Open wireshark or tcpdump and watch.
anonsurf only routes traffic generated from your host into tor. No encrytion or something else.

Hope this helps you a little bit

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Thanks for the reply @rowie :slight_smile: and as you mentioned helped a bit

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