AnonSurf doesn't work

I’m using Parrot Home the latest version and I also tried the latest security version for virtual box. When i go to use anonsurf it does the process like it should and then i go to check my IP and its the same IP of my vpn that i’m running on my host machine. Any idea whats going on? Btw i used the .ova and not the isos for vbox.

Update: So i have now installed the ISO instead of the .ova file and it works but now i can’t save any files. Whenever i restart they just go away how do i fix this?

Hi, the vpn of the host redirect all the traffic of the system to its own server, which explain that you get the same ip address with or without the vpn, if you disable the vpn and check again it should work.

Are you sure that you installed the system ? Did you plugged out the usb stick ? It looks like you are in live mode.

Are you just clicking it in the menu or actually running the command in CLI?