Anonsurf dosen't work

Hello everyone. I downloaded the new version of parrot thinking of solving the problem, but the problem with ANONSURF still does not work … I do not know what to do …
any help?
If I check my IP, it turns out to be empty …
Thank you

Very good site for checking DNS leak BTW you can see your IP Address.
Tell us what you can see here?



Are you live ina country where tor blocked?
If yes, use tor bridge.

if anonsurf myip is empty, it means you cant connect to tor / no internet access.


I have the same problem. I get the message ”your under tunnel” but when I check my IP, it’s empty.

HOW ARE YOU RUNNING PARROT ?from within a virtual box ? or direct install to your harddrive

Hello guys I get this to when I search what is my ip in duck duck go search, If you just check this site it should show the ip has changed.

The reason behind this is that “Check IP” application retrieves the IP address from and when you are connected to the TOR network, the mentioned URL requires you to verify your identity that you are not a robot. After the verification you are able to see your IP address by going the URL above. Previously, CloudFlare servers didn’t need that verification and you were able to see your IP address by running Check IP application.

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we actually never have used cloudflare, I learned this not too long ago but we use opennic and always have.

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Thanks for your reply, Nico!

I think the problem is pertained to the DNS settings - I’m not sure though. I have attached a screnshot to this message. I would be grateful if you would kindly take a look at it and put your comment.

your router or the client is connecting using cloudflare dns servers in the device configs somewhere is my best guess.

I found that mine didn’t work either but if I open a terminal and type sudo anonsurf it will start. Trying to start it from the menu it asks for the root password and for some reason it doesn’t work like that. It does work fine when started from a terminal using sudo. Hope this helps.

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