Anonsurf | Functions | i2p & GUI


Hi there.
I tested anonsurf two years ago and i have two questions:

i remember that it have a GUI. Anyone know why it was deprecated?


Does anonsurf still include i2p functions?

(Matt) #2

Since the newest version 2.7 it was removed because "*remove i2p support (we never really supported it)" See here:

Not sure when the GUI was removed i never had a chance to use it (didnt even know there was one) but there are only like 10 different arguments or options you can pass into anonsurf so it was probably unnecessary.

There are buttons in the menu that will run the commands for you though.

(Nixxxy) #3

ahhh! this explains why my Parrot doesnt have the i2p option! after watching an old video on youtube about anonsurf, i was like why don’t I have that option. Now i get it. I thought i had made a mistake on the install.

I just joined the forum and figured id search this topic before I made a duplicate post. I love Parrot though! I hardly ever use Kali anymore…

Hope ya’ll doing well!

(Matt) #4

Good to hear :hugs:

Even though i2p is no longer supported in anonsurf, it still works really well on parrot.

(dmknght) #5

I have never seen a GUI.

(Matt) #6

I think he probably just meant the button’s in the menu, or at least that’s my best guess.

(dmknght) #7

I am thinking he meant pen-mode2 which was removed

(Matt) #8

Oh, never got a chance to use that.