AnonSurf NO IP

I have used ParrotSec for quite some time, and I am loving it! One of the best distros I have used in ages and very light on resources. I really enjoyed the AnonSurf functionality, but lately, I have a problem. Whenever I run AnonSurf it does not give me an IP.

It no longer resolves any hostnames, it is like my DNS is messed up, and I have not yet found a fix to this.

I am currently on ParrotSec 4.7 recently updated.

I am currently running on VirtualBox where I installed with ISO I downloaded.

VirtualBox 6.0.8 with 6Gb of RAM.

Hi @Heinz09,

It seems you may have shut down the system when anonsurf was enabled/running. Can you try running sudo anonsurf stop && reboot? After you run this and the PC reboots, try running sudo anonsurf start.


Thank you! Tested and it seems to be working like a charm, so I have to stop anonsurf before a reboot. Noted :wink:

Glad to help!

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