AnonSurf questions

First of all i want to say thank you for the best linux distro ever! :slight_smile:

Now, im a “newbie”, but i want to learn more,… anyway, so i have some questions about “AnonSurf” (ParrotSec Home Edition)

  1. I wish someone could write clear instructions (for newbies) how to upgrade AnonSurf? (step by step, commandline) etc, that would be great?

  2. How safe is AnonSurf? (all trafic Trough Tor, right?)

  3. is a VPN really necessary with AnonSurf? or can one use AnonSurf alone? which is recommended? AnonSurf+VPN or not?

  4. if a VPN is recommended with AnonSurf, which one you recommend? (I have Mullvad VPN, but that one, dont work well with AnonSurf?)

  5. Ways to incease internet-speed with AnonSurf (and VPN?), i have “standard internetconnection 250Mbit/s”, but not very high internet speeds with AnonSurf? Guess “normal” because of Tor-connection?:s

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For your question 1- the version you get is the latest, just upgrade your os with sudo parrot-upgrade. Or for version 3.2.0 refer AnonSurf - Parrot Documentation
For 1,2,3- read the offiicial parrot documentation about anonsurf and tor - AnonSurf - Parrot Documentation
For 4- it’s not at all a valid question, rather just get to know about how tor and any vpn works


AnonSurf is a part of Parrot’s packages. It will be upgraded with the system using apt

AnonSurf is a transparent proxy of Tor which routes all traffics through Tor. We added some new iptables rules like drop all LAN inbound traffics when AnonSurf is on. Any new idea to improve rules is welcome.

Short answer: Don’t. Long answer: Understand basic network routing.


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Just an enthusiast amateur here.

apt install anonsurf only updates to anonsurf 3.1.9

Would be great to get 3.2. :slightly_smiling_face:
Thank you “Dark Knight” for all the hard work.

Yes, please. Instructions are no longer valid :

sudo apt install nim
nimble install gintro
> Says missing dependencies

Then you can download the anonsurf source:
cd anonsurf/ 
>nothing  there in folder
make build-parrot
make install

Anonsurf fan keen  to update 3.2.  Thank you dev team.
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