Anonsurf throwing recaptcha

Hey, I am new to Parrot OS and Linux in general.
I was really impressed with the idea of the OS being security centric (anonsurf specifically) and lightweight at the same time, along with a decent GUI.
So I tested it…
Whenever I used anonsurf, there were very long recaptcha verifications every 2 minutes, that was very frustrating.
Is there anything that I missed to configure or doing wrong? Can it be fixed?
Also is there any even bare minimum version of he OS than Parrot-Home, without vscodium and other apps?


Welcome. :slight_smile:

I know your pain. :laughing:

This is because many websites now incorporate captchas for Tor exit nodes.

On a positive note, you can sometimes bypass captchas by switching your Tor node identity (depending on layout). Sometimes it takes a couple identity switches to get an exit node not recognized.

Hope this helps.

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So, does that mean Anonsurf can’t be used to surf the web smoothly?

Depends on the sites you visit and their network setup.

If Google doesn’t recognize your device fingerprint (off Anonsurf) you will also be thrown a captcha to solve (sometimes endlessly).

If choosing to visit captcha sites, you have to deal with solving captcha or changing your ip to bypass on Tor/Anonsurf.

Unfortunately too many ppl have abused Tor to attack websites and it led to this environment.