AnonSurf ver 2.12 is on testing

AnonSurf version 2.12 now is on rolling-testing repository.
Screenshot at 2020-04-24 23-41-24
Major changes:

  1. AnonSurf now is a system unit. We are able to use some advantages:
  • Can be enabled at boot as a service
  • Fix the issue shut system down before shut AnonSurf down.
  • Check actived status of AnonSurf so it can’t be start / stop multiple times (start then start again)
  • Split old AnonSurf script to modular model. It now has anondaemon as daemon script which active / deactive tor service, firewall rules, …; anonsurf script now is a Command Line Interface module with some extra procedures
  1. A tool to fix DNS issue is a part of AnonSurf
    Screenshot at 2020-04-24 23-49-12
    To fix unexpected issue with DNS settings in /etc/resolv.conf. We developed new tool that can check current DNS settings on your system and can change it quickly by using arguments.
  • System shut down by power source and AnonSurf cant be stopped as a service
  • Fix issue from old version that is still affected user’s system
  • Fix the problem in Wlan’s driver that can’t get DNS IP from DHCP server
  1. status now use nyx from Tor. It supports more procedures than check Tor log or AnonSurf log.

A bug in dnstool was fixed. It showed wrong status when anonsurf is running. The problem was the string active was written as actived by mistake. The code is on the gitlab and it should be deployed soon.