AnonSurf version 2.13

Version 2.13 is under development (2.13.1 is source code is on the nest). The scope of this version is support obfs4 bridge and bring the GUI to users ASAP.
Some changes:

  1. Use obfs4 bridge mode as well as normal mode. Add command start-bridge. I also add command to auto-completion
  2. Create a module that generate torrc instead of static torrc file. The scope is generating configuration for normal mode and torrc mode. Random password every time AnSu start new session is on the plan. I have to solve problems like do we have to use password for control port or something. This file won’t be removed after AnonSurf stop. I don’t remove it because of start at boot problem and a problem that users can’t install / upgrade AnonSurf or Tor.
  3. The CLI module in /usr/bin/anonsurf now is making the torrc config then start tor service then active anonsurfd daemon. The anonsurfd now only check if tor service wasn’t actived then active it. The check is for the start at boot. This change solve the delay time problem when tor start slowly and status shows tor isn't running in a few seconds.
  4. Because of bash script limitation and my bash skill, i can’t control something like if anything failed to start (tor or generate torrc file for example). So the system keeps continuing the other configurations. IMO i have to terminate it and recover other configurations.
  5. The team has never played with obfs4 so i need help to verify if it works and other technical things about it.
  6. Any suggestion for torrc configuration under bridge mode is welcome. I need to “hardening” this configuration, make it be safe,…

Reworking on the GUI
The scope
Screenshot at 2020-05-05 05-22-05
Everything i have right now :’(

It would be nice to have a GUI :smiley:

just my veiw how it maybe (in Future):

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Fixed a bug in dnstool that path of /run/resolvconf/resolv.conf. I set it wrong but somehow i didn’t notice it. fkkkk. It is stable version on repository.