Anonymous Mode Will Not Restart

version of parrot: (ie 3.9) 3.10.1

architecture (ie amd64) amd64

edition (ie home) Security

installer (debian standard / debian gtk / parrot-experimental) Live Install

computer (ie asus k550jk)

storage configuration (describe it)

multiboot with other systems (yes/no) No

describe your problem

Anonymous mode will not restart once started and then stopped in the same Live session. Restarting and installing a new Live instance allows Anonymous mode to be started once. This happens whether or not the kill-processes-and-clean-caches option is invoked.

Once stopped in a Live Encrypted Persistence install, Anonymous mode can not be recovered by restarting/reinstalling.

use the latest 3.11 iso

anonsurf works out of the box

Thanks! Now that IS awesome. And so is your response time.

i have a k550jk too and many parrot releases (probably since 2.0) were developed on it :slight_smile:

There is no change with ver. 3.11 Live install. Anonsurf only functions for one start in a Live session. :cry:

same here … i start Anonymous mode but it wont it :frowning:

same here too in live, it starts then stops but if you try restart it shows it works but theres no server connection

i also did apt-get dist-upgrade so the os was up to date on my encrypted partition and it does the same thing

i also use the same iso to install to my hdd and everythings working ok

Note: This anonsurf restart failure during Live install is confirmed by the terminal command ‘sudo anonsurf status’, both in the amd64-security and in the i386-home versions of Parrot 3.11.

This “bug” complaint is significant because the anonsurf restart failure is a terminal (i.e., final) condition when doing a Live install with encrypted persistence (which, IMHO, is the only way to travel without a computer on which Parrot 3.11 is fully installed (i.e., on the harddrive).1

Consequently, the only way to fix this “terminal” condition on an encrypted persistence installation is to delete and then restore_2_ the persistent settings volume on the separate, encrypted USB. See, e.g., cyberdog’s post, “This is my EASY GUIDE to making a persistent encrypted usb drive,” in the old community forum @

Example:  I had to delete and restore the persistent settings volume due to configuration issues with the change from Parrot 3.10.1 to ver. 3.11 (again, see footnote #2).

For additional discussion and references, and to view the above footnotes, see my new topic, “Running Tails in a VM.”

why don’t you manually restart the tor daemon instead of using the anonsurf restart function?

How do you restart the Tor daemon? Also, will this restart all other anonymizing features like hiding your machine’s MAC address, etc.?

sudo service tor restart

and it just restarts the tor daemon

OK, so if I restart anonsurf (which won’t restart Tor, but says that I can “dance like no one’s watching”), but then restart the Tor daemon, even though I will get a Tor circuit, will Parrot still cloak my machine in anonymity, e.g., hide my MAC address, etc.? That’s essential for communicating with people living under repressive regimes.

sudo service tor restart shows that the Tor anonymizing service restarts/reloads, but I get no Tor circuit.

I found MAC Changer in the Parrot menu. If I use this in combination with my VPN, does that provide anonymity?

Some VPN provider log your ip. Search about yours.