Another issue

Hello everyone now i am having another issue with Parrot Sec now its telling me there is not enough drive space. I have basically maxed out my settings but not to the point where it limits my machine. Installing this new Parrot Sec has been a pain in the know what, and i for once would like to install a VM without giving me mindless issues.

Why cant i just do a simple install without giving me more headaches than i actually need ?

Parrot needs 15Gigs installation storage min. As you are using virtualbox create a virtual hdd and allocate storage using dynamic allocation. Give it atleast 50-60 for smooth working.

What does your Gparted look like for the disk you are installing on? Perhaps Parrot’s Calamares is not initializing the disk’s MBR/GPT partition table?

Interesting i will check it out.

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