Another reason to use Parrot over Apple/Mac

While this has been going on for a while, there are new changes to Sur/hardware.

A Mac sends out information including ip address (location, ISP), computer, and application hash identifying each application opened. Even prevents block by VPN/firewall in some models.

This might not sound like a big deal, but it is sent out in clear text. Apple has made engineering changes in Sur, to prevent modification. All done under the “security of applications” reasoning. However this can be used to build profiles on users.

The move to Arm chips might be hinting at more changes (similar to protections against modification of iPhone).

Read more details at the original posting here:

We can’t install any GNU/ Linux distros on the newer models right?
There might come a way-around but.

Parrot no run in Asus :frowning: help me!

I guess you are at the wrong place. You have to make a topic in the support section describing your issue :thinking:

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what issue are you facing ? is it during installation or during runtime?
please make a new post regarding it giving as much details as you can

Newest model can only run Apple’s operating system.

Reminiscent of iPhone and the way they prevent mod/tinkering.

I do get concerned seeing hardware options become more “locked down” (preventing tinkering) in the name of security (and wonder where it may eventually take us).

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