Applications better in root

Hello World,

Im having an issue with a permission for some applications I think. Anonsurf only works in root and came across that in the script but not sure to change do I need to make adjustment in script or chmod somewhere else … also some other applications are doing the same thing. They run only in root, like pluma.

any suggestions would be nice :slight_smile:

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You shouldn’t have to change anything to use anonsurf. Simply use

sudo anonsurf start

to start it. Then append stop intead of start to the commmand when you are done.

Im not sure about pluma, it seems to be an ongoing problem, that i havent looked into yet. Although it works fine from me, so make sure you arnt trying to open files you dont have permissions for.

Rab. Try this for Pluma:

You will probably have to search other firejail profiles, if you have more programs that are requiring sudo, but shouldn’t

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