Apt-get Upgrade Stuck

Hi there Merry Christmas to everyone and iam sorry for bothering i installed the parrot os 4.7 everything works fine but when run (Apt-get updated) its run fine but when i run Apt-get upgrade its just move and then it’s stuck or freeze i try to change the source list but nothing then i try it on Virtualbox seem thing anyone can help me my pc :4GB ram and core i5 5200U its hp 15-r259ne notebook Thanks again and iam sorry for bothering…

sudo parrot-upgrade

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I run the command it just freeze again

When i wait it’s give me error like this:

thíis is the problem

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So sir how to slove it ??? Thanks again

When run sudo parrot-upgrade this is increase faster

Never use apt-get! Before you login into you system press Strg/Ctrl + F2 to enter tty2. Login and execute sudo parrot-upgrade

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Bro please thanks for Answering but what is strg key and i press ctrl+f2 nothing happend i enter on login screen

excuse me my fault :sweat_smile:. Press Ctrl + Alt + F2

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