Apt update and apt upgrade-full or parrot-upgrade

I ran apt update followed by apt upgrade-full. What packages would this have removed? Are any necessary? As I have read about people having problems on other Debian based systems after apt upgrade-full.

Is it ok to update the Parrot OS installation with apt update and apt upgrade-full or should parrot-upgrade be used? What does parrot-upgrade do differently?

I am using Parrot Security version 4.7 with the default DE. It’s configured to multiboot with Windows 10.

hello, if you take a look at the source code of parrot-update (it is a simple bash script), you would find out how it works and why your manual apt full-upgrade procedure is correct as well

└──╼ $cat /usr/bin/parrot-upgrade 
set -e
apt update || echo failed to update index lists
dpkg --configure -a || echo failed to fix interrupted upgrades
apt --fix-broken --fix-missing install || echo failed to fix conflicts
apt -y --allow-downgrades --fix-broken --fix-missing dist-upgrade

the first part just configures some env variables to make apt run without user interaction

in the second part it updates the index with apt update, then it runs some apt commands to recover the system in case a precedent installation/upgrade failed, and once we are sure that the system is not in a corrupted state, the dist-upgrade/full-upgrade command is used to perform the actual upgrade

this command is a simple way to integrate a safe system upgrade in our scripts, or to suggest an atomic and safe way to update the system to people who are not familiar with apt and debian.

if you prefer to use apt manually then it is absolutely fine and you are not being left behind


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