Are there any GUI Wi-Fi hacking tools?

As the title says, are there any GUI tools for Wi-Fi hacking tools on Parrot, i keep trying Fern but it doesnt seem to load up, just says its opening or starting or something like that.

Fern is having issue because of Debian python upgrade problem. Debian decided remove python3.x and kept python3.8, 3.9 on repository. Official default version is 3.9. The bug is from python3.9 + scapy which is officially confirmed and fixed in python3.9.1
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P/s: wifite2 (command wifite) is a TUI, not GUI but it worth to try. My favorite when i’m being lazy.

Fern and ettercap are some good gui wifi hacking tools

Fern Wi-fi Cracker is now working in Parrot 4.10 if you sudo parrot-upgrade to get the latest Python 3.9.1.

└──╼ $python3 --version
Python 3.9.1