ARM download problems

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My issues is that when I attempt to download the ARM image I am brought to an index page with a hyperlink to a parent DIR and no download link can be found anywhere for me

Unfortunately the ARM image is currently being rebuilt and it is not adviseable to use any of the old images per ARM Dev Jeff . it is estimated that it should be ready in about a week or so. I apologize for the wait, check back in about a week for an update!

Thanks mate also love the cute pupper

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Thank you!

@mibofra any news?

Its been 15 days since the last post about this any updates? Gotta admit I am kinda annoyed that the old images were pulled rather than just having an instability warning put on them. Are you abandoning ARM and RPI support or what? Any updates would be helpful

no we are not abandoning ARM support. We do not have ARM devs that we can pull out of thin air either. there is a build that is working right now we are waiting for it to finish to see if it worked. there was a problem with a few things like docker etc. @mibofra has been working so much like literally all night sometimes if you watch the build. the old images needed pulled because we were getting loaded with people asking why it wasn’t working (it just would have wasted 15 days of your life trying to get something to build and run that just wouldn’t. are you a member of if you want this as bad as i think you do, I would suggest you help with the development because as of now only Francesco has been writing and doing it and none of the people on here wanting it have contributed. This is the main issue we are facing right now and the best way for you to give your assistance is contributing to the builds on I have been watching very closely and will continue to do so and update with news.

Making an account there now. If only you knew how helpful your OS has been to me. Thanks for the tip

For ARM image Parrot Dev Fransisco
Working Very hard
Have Mate-packages Problem
CLI is ready but it’s like
Headless Parrot

Oh I do, I love Parrot because of what we stand for and how we enable others to speak their truth and achieve their potential. It is truly a beautiful thing. Im glad to hear that; if you dont have experience with building then just watch the current pipeline and look through the stuff. eventually things will jump out and you start to understand more. we could really use ARM devs so this is very nice to hear. (SLOTS ARE NOT FULL WE CAN STILL USE YOU THAT IS READING THIS AS WELL!!!)

i am terribly new to this community and to software development but i can assist in other things… i served in the army for man years… I’m not sure if there are any sanctioned hits the parrot project is looking towards (bad joke). but i am working with a lot of ARM architecture hardware. it seems to be a growing market share for mobile platforms. what kind of support can those who are not coders give on our end?