ARM repositories

Went to update an older install of Parrot on a raspberry pi. Turns out it won’t update due to the repositories changing to rolling. The bigger problem is that I can’t seem to find a list of ARM repositories for Parrot anywhere (I did search) so that I can update my source list and actually update Parrot.

Can someone list the rolling arm repositories here, or give me a link?


atm we are not supporting arm, sorry!

Thanks for the reply, Rowie.

Are you aware that there are currently three different versions of Parrot available to download for ARM that are called “official ARM builds” on the Parrot download page (one each for RPi, Orange Pi, and Pine64)? There is nothing on that page to suggest these builds are unsupported and/or unable to utilize apt repositories. If what you say is true, it seems like an important thing to make people aware of before they go through the process of downloading and installing one of these builds.

See here:


images removed from download page! sorry for the confusion!

Are you planning to release Parrot for ARM, raspberry pi4, if so have any idea when we can expect it? looking forward for it. thanks

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