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Hi all :slight_smile:

I recently came across a colleague of mine which is a certified pentester, using Parrot OS. We started talking about what he did and it seemed very very interesting. I installed MINT on my desktop pc and I immediately fell in love with it. I told him that and he then recommended me to install Parrot OS and just navigate through the OS to be comfortable with it and using the different programs which is preinstalled to see if that was something I would find interesting and would like to work with. Penetrate my own devices.

I did find this extremely interesting and a whole new world opened up to me. I’ve always liked computers but this was really something else :slight_smile: Compared to my close friend, which threw his laptop on the ground when failing at different things in Parrot OS, I actually love making mistakes (sounds weird) - even if it takes me hours to solve. Never, ever have I’ve been so eager to learn anything before as to now with pentesting.

Every day I am learning and I love it. I’m going through search engines, youtube etc…watching videoes, reading pages to learn. But what I would really really like is a curriculum to follow. Someone told me to read up on the fundementals of networking and security to start with. But there is so much information and when reading I found that there were many things I should know before reading this and that. Many of the things I read didn’t make much sense due to not knowing more of the basics.

Is there any professionals out there that could answer me with a setup of curriculum on becoming a pentester? More of a detailed setup rather then saying: Read on networking and security, learn code and so on…


If someone is up to the task, think of me as with no basic knowledge around the different terms involved with pentesting/security/networking.

Maybe what I am asking is too much and will take time for someone to write down these things, I don’t know. I’m not expecting everything ofc, but a few keywords to get me starting through this year. I understand that it could take years to become a good pentester, but I am more than up for it :smiley:

Have a great weekend everyone!


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That’s my reaction when i installed Parrot first time
I am like
Wow Amazing man ,

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Hello :wave:

Parrot has a selection of openbooks you can find here: you will find them useful, if you dont mind reading.

In the security directory you will find the ‘HHS’ series (Hacking High School), it is a good place to start. It will explain lots of basic tools and concepts. As well as give little tasks to complete.

A site a lot of people use is ‘Cybrary’.

‘TryHackMe’ is fairly new. I havent used it, but it looks quite good.

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Cool. Thanks alot man for your input =) I’ll dive into it =) thanks!