Hello guys, I started having this issue recently. When I go to shut down my PC it says program still running “at-spi-bus-launcher” I read that its related to chromium but I don’t have it installed on my system. So my question is how to uninstall this launcher or how to stop it from interrupting my shutdown.

I’m running latest version of ParrotSec.


There’s already a post concerning this isssue:

I’m also kind a facing the same issue, according to my findings it says that it is due to the bug in Gnome Keyring compatability with MATE, I’m sure you can look that up for better understanding.
The way around it currently is too downgrade your Gnome Keyring which I haven’t tried for myself, but as soon as I do I’ll let you know about how and what.

Devs are aware of the bug and are working to patch it :slight_smile:

True. but I guess waiting for the patch would be rather feasible option since it doesnt concern any major security threat to the system :blush:


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Agreed. I haven’t done that myself :sweat_smile:
“Shutdown Anyway” all the way.

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