Audio Stoped Working after Update


I Updated my Lenovo Yoga X380 at the 28.11 where also the realtek-rtl8188eus trouble started.
Since that day the Audio on my Yoga has stooped working Speakers and Aux-Port.
My USB Headset is working Fine.
Since ParrotOS is my Daily Driver Ineed to fix this.
Did someone Experience the Same issues?
Is there a fix for it?
Could some one help me analyse this issue to find the cause?

OS version: ParrotOS 5.0
Kernel: 5.14.0-9parrot1-amd64
Hardware Lenovo Yoga X380

Btw that realtek issue has been fixed,
check again after updating
sudo apt autoremove
sudo parrot-upgrade

Or it might that your inbuilt speaker volume is low
Or check alsamixer -c 0

Hi Th3Director,

Had the error for like 5 Days no reboot or Update helped.
The Card was not listed in alsamixer.
I opend this post to have a look with you guys.
I tried to fix it with alsa-tools-gui wich did not fix it (or even find the card).
Then i Rebooted and Murphys Law it worked again.
If all problems where that easy to solve.


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