auto update bugd

i keep getting this error in the pick every time i try to upgrade and is not letting my pass that can someone help my?


what to expect to encounter when you are a new user on parrot os. i use apt-get update and upgrade and non of those work even as sudo admin still the same

for use apt-get update is telling my to use apt list --upgradable but nothing done

even with apt update and upgrade still the same and even package manager is giving the same error

Read here ,

Always use
sudo parrot-upgrade
is perfect command for update && full-upgrade

In your case run following commands

sudo apt clean
sudo dpkg --configure -a
sudo apt install -f
sudo parrot-upgrade

It looks like a problem from mirror (and only mirror). But let me check it and report to our leader if it is a wide bug. Thanks for your report!

I’ve updated and everything ran fine without any error. So it is a bug from mirror.

@ Amzker @ dmknght i tryed that looks like a bug when installing the OS without any internet connection i fix it by reinstall with internet connected. i hope the dev team will try to fix this.

i readed everything in the parrot os documents and nothing help just to see if i can fix it alone.

tks for the info anyway and sry for the late replay i was bussy

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