Automatic Login Issue 4.6 OVA

I recently downloaded 4.6 OVA but it is automatically directs me to the dekstop without promting login user? How to fix it ? ive already checked /lib/systemd/system/getty@.service and i didnt find --autologin on it.

Auto-login is enabled as default for OVA images, but you should be able to disable it in ‘Users and Groups’. Just change the user password and make sure ‘Dont ask for password on login’ if left unchecked.

Hi @KidKlown — I tried that, also creating another user and none of that worked.

The option to disable/enable the auto-login is grayed out. I want to add an extra security layer by enabling the login-form

Have a look in the files:
For a line that should say ‘autologin-user=user’ and just comment it out.


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