Availabe disk space is showing more than actual capacity?

Hi everyone,

I’m not sure is it for me or everyone, or is it the problem with my system or the way parrotos manages things. So, please help me clarify this:

Actually when I see the Available disk space (629.6 GB) in System Monitor, it shows double the actual free space that i’ve on my disk, even greater than the capacity (500 GB) of my whole hard drive. And when I go the the File System tab of System Monitor, I see exactly same values or statistics for two directories listed there, which is / and /home, like “Free” is having the value 315.7 GB for both those directories.

Can anyone suggest what the problem is?

can you do
df -h
and check

/dev/sda1 is showing in two records with the same values, one mounted on / and, other mounted on /home.

send the screenshot??

Here is the screenshots of df- h command and of System Monitor:
Screenshot at 2021-01-20 08-47-44

As you probably understand, it’s the same file system being reported twice.

I would check /etc/fstab to see if you have an additional entry for /home listed and if so, comment it out or delete it, being careful to just touch that line. Hope that works!

Yes, in /etc/fstab file system with the same UUID is mounted on both both / and /home. Would deleting the /home entry be safe?

It should be. I would just comment out the line with a # first, reboot, and make sure everything is running correctly (it should), then you could delete the line.

Okay, thanks.

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