Awesome WM

I am working on a stripped-down version of Security Parrot for my own needs. Keep all the security stuff but rip out the fluffy GUI bits. I am running Awesome as my default WM and am slowly pulling out Mate stuff and, if needed, replacing it with simplified pure X tools. I haven’t done anything with the theme beyond the background and the menu needs a lot of work still but it would be nice at some point if when I am done I could submit some patches or scripts that people could use to build this themselves if they wanted a stripped-down ParrotOS or just preferred a tiling window manager.

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I’m not a fan of Awesome but I’d like to see the result.

I have used i3 and i3-gaps for many years but switched to Awesome about a year ago. While i3 is nice the configuration file syntax and some of the stuff needed is generally a pain. With Awesome, it is 99% pure Lua, this makes for a much more portable, readable, and configurable UI. I3 is very compostable allowing you start adding things like feh, i3-blocks, etc to it. Awesome comes with a lot of that out of the box and combined with the pre-defined layout functionality and menu, it is simply a better overall choice and is less “hardcore” of a tiling window manager. TWM being the ultimate roll-your-own, i3 being the middle ground, and Awesome being a good trade-off between freedom and usability.

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